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Why may never be answered

September 20, 2009
By Ruberz GOLD, Dearborn, Michigan
Ruberz GOLD, Dearborn, Michigan
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Why does the day seem so dull?
As if the skies were ought to be glad,
But you must enjoy it at full,
Or you will find yourself to be sad.

Why does the sun shine so?
Does it not feel pain?
If it does, will it shine more?
For its rays must be in vain.

Why does rain pour down from the skies?
As if washing the hurt,
Deep from the core of it's eyes.

Why does the moon shine yellow bright?
As if made of copper cheese,
And it holds its pains tight,
For fear of not being at ease.

I may never know all these questions fully,
But i think i do understand,
They must act a bully,
And not reach out there hand.

For if they do, they shall find pain,
For some, to experience it, they fear not,
They must feel as if they are playing a challenging game,
And to succeed, they must have fought.

Fought through life's troubles, even if they are not human,
But you must see,
That every living thing,
Must have a destiny,
For what shall it be without -
Without no complicity?

The author's comments:
A piece I wrote two years ago.

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