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September 20, 2009
By Mr.Trex GOLD, Salisbury, North Carolina
Mr.Trex GOLD, Salisbury, North Carolina
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7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year we are all people here, we live, we love, we act suite. until that one day comes, death is the begining of life. Cody 6:17

I pause from the usual to glare from my stare
to continue with the leaving I found thinking that always got me there
from a place I would chase that never I could find
comes the plan only to land where I am no longer blind

yet I give myself time to rewind from normality
looking for the road that was snowed by duality
twisting level minds into a coexisting partition
until so close you disclose all your own by admission

keep an even bend to never lose again your state of serenity
that calm is the truth if to be just your proof of pure amenity
the release of desires lets all free to transpire into a true soul
so never to hesitate or be of another state only to forever be whole

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escape the ordinary

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