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A Real Man

September 24, 2009
By Blackal GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Blackal GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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live life to the fullest

Finish your school don't you ever stop.
Just because your daddy calls you stupid,
Your moms a crackhead,
Your sister quit school,
And your brother stays high.
You don't have to be the same!
You can change the world, be what you want!

Free your mind
You don't have to be like your daddy who beats on your mom,
Or your mom who pops pills to cope with the beatings.
Finish your school prove your daddy wrong!
Then go get a degree and throw it in his face.

Now say I'm stupid! I'm a man!
I don't beat on my wife and I wont call my son stupid.
No I will teach my son.
I will hold him to a higher degree,
Better than you or me because I am a real man.

The author's comments:
this went to the oboma speech given to the students. we were told to write something about the speech.

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on Oct. 5 2009 at 9:48 pm
choirchic101 SILVER, Norwalk, California
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in order for God to use all of you you have to be completely broken

that was really good. i loved it