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Our Skin

September 30, 2009
By Rapid_Flamingo BRONZE, Friggin Iceberg, Other
Rapid_Flamingo BRONZE, Friggin Iceberg, Other
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Why is “race” an issue?
Does the color of your skin determine who are?,
Or the quality of your character?
Your personality?
Does one’s “race” give you reason to stereotype?
Should I act according to my “race”?
Is the president’s “race” so important?
What does it mean if I say “I am black.”?
Is there any significance?
If my skin color were to change,
I‘d still be the same.
“Race” is unnecessary.
“Race” is ignorance.
No matter what people say,
I will always be me.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the ignorance of the world.

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