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Who am I ?

October 1, 2009
By hiromiamaya SILVER, San Clemente, California
hiromiamaya SILVER, San Clemente, California
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"write what you want to know"amelia atwater rhodes

If you love someone.let them go.If they come back they were always yours.If they don't they never were-Unknown
The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. ~ Victor Hugo

Who am I?
Do you wonder who I am?
Or do you look at me and not care?
Do you think I am not worth knowing?

I am happy and sad
I am studious and hardworking
But you think I am weird
Yet others think I am interesting and funny

How do I know you ask?
The look on your faces tell me this is true
You talk about me behind my back
But actually it’s to my face

I am what I want to be
I will be what I want to be
Successful, enjoying life, and carefree
Well maybe not carefree but you get the point

I dream about changing the world
Doing something great and being content with life
That’s in my dreams, but many people have dreams
We all have dream, dreams can come true
But it up to us whether it comes true or not

I am who I am
I won’t change because you think I should
I am a person walking this earth too
So next time you see me say hi!
Because guess what, I don’t bite
This is who I am
And enjoying every minute of being me

The author's comments:
At first it was a stupid homework assignement but then it became more it described me.ALso these are the things i want to say but just cant.

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