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Death Walk

October 15, 2009
By Icy96 PLATINUM, Romeoville, Illinois
Icy96 PLATINUM, Romeoville, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Horace Mann: “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

You step out of the classroom
and see them waiting for you
across the hall
like cheetahs
waiting for the kill.
They prey on weakness
on differentness
on individuality
on pain.
And when they see you're most vulnerable,
they attack.
Whoever said words can't hurt
has never had them jabbed into their sides
like a fist
or a knife that twists.
You stumble away and try not to cry in front of them.
You can hear their hungry hyena laughter behind you,
but you don't look back.
You NEVER look back.

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