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Setting Me Free

October 18, 2009
By BrokenSorrows SILVER, Surprise, Arizona
BrokenSorrows SILVER, Surprise, Arizona
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You whisper lies into my ear every night
I cry and plee with all my might i fight

Your lies tare me up in side and out
You tell me you love me but this i seriouly doubt

Your here but your words make me feel so alone
They echo on my ears as i sit in this place you call our home

You leave but i know exactly were you are
Your having drinks with some girl at the bar

Angirly you return your fist pounding my face again and again
I cry and scream to you to please let it end

You drop to your knees saying your sorry and that you love me
But if you really did you would've set me free

My heart beat fades i relize im slowly dieing
I see a tear trickle down your check and i ask why your crying

Pain consums my body blood consums the floor
I cant take it i cant stand you anymore

The only reson your crying cause the cops are your fears
When im the one dying crying bloody tears

I loved you once but as my life that memorys gone
My life is done now that its dawn

The funny things is you cant hurt me anymore
Cause this is a face God will adore

I guess this is your way of setting me free
I guess i had to die and thats not such i tragedy

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