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You and Me, Nanny

October 20, 2009
By kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
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" One good thing about music, When it hits you, You feel no pain."- Bob Marley

I sit all night inside my bed, I make-up stories in my head. Of princesses, dragons, and a fairy. I just can't seem to get a grasp on reality. So today as i lay and make- up something. I'll make it up of you and me, and the stuff life sing's. Oh how it sings that little tune. I swear it makes it all the way to the moon.

How are you today? Me? I'm doing good.I need to know to rite it all down in my book. That i keep inside of my head. Of things that our said, because our storie's need to be retold. Maybe even sold? Hey wouldn't that be great. It would even include your first date.

Now the story's never over. Just like the luck from a four leaf clover. It will keep writing itself. Even after it's put on the shelf. Now it's not a sad story. We should never be sorry of the choices we made, and how they will never fade.

You say you have nothing to do,

Nowhere to go , but we all have

A song to sing, and a story to tell

But that's just because of the flower's

Life Brings

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I Love My Nanny!

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