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Losing Myself

October 28, 2009
By twilighter_360 GOLD, NYOB, New Jersey
twilighter_360 GOLD, NYOB, New Jersey
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These are the times I just want it to end
I’m losing everything, I’m losing myself
I can’t escape
At school, I see him everywhere, and memories of when we were together
Come flooding back
I see my ex-friends in the hall, the dirty looks they give me
The whispering I hear
When I’m alone, I feel terrible with myself
Disgusted with me, like I’m losing myself
At home, she’s everywhere, and I remember our last days with her
But she’s gone now
In a better place, they say
Well, what about me?
It’s a losing battle,
I’m losing myself

The author's comments:
this was written when i was having a really bad...well,life. everything was going wrong, i felt like i was losing everything, losing myself. i'm okay now, i had hit a bad spot

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