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November 2, 2009
By peacerose3 GOLD, Schaumburg, Illinois
peacerose3 GOLD, Schaumburg, Illinois
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Day and night, I meet my love in the moonlight
The pale face brings ours together and I taste her garlic lips
Her jalapeño fingers burn my neck and she is perfect

Trees blush and turn away, but we do not feel their shame
His arms draw me near, his baking soda smile draws me in
Breathing the words I yearn to hear, he is perfect

The wind’s gentle fingers foster geese on our skin
Her usual softness is interrupted by cold
I push loose curls to see her face and she is perfect

Crackling leaves fall from green boughs upon us
Adding their cover to his hot chocolate warmth encircling me
I snuggle into his arms built to hold me and he is perfect

We lie in our meadow of softened leaves and aging grass
Count the stars that hold our dreams and laugh
We are together and time itself is perfect

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