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To Roam Alone

November 4, 2009
By artmusiclit_chic GOLD, Riverside, Rhode Island
artmusiclit_chic GOLD, Riverside, Rhode Island
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along the way

across the bridge

through the forest

i roamed

in a darkened city

known best for its gun fights

i fell down an uncovered sewerage hole

and lost my sight

maybe then

maybe now

i cloned myself in a labratory

to study myself

i watch how i move
i watch how i speak
i watch my expressions
(the difficulty in deciphering them
disturbing me)

who am i? who is she?
the girl who cries

the girl so weak
who is she? who art thou? the girl who hides her emotions

the girl so strong
am i her? is she me?

are these feelings true

or fragments in a dream
is she faking? exaggerating?
imagining pain and hurt-
if she's lying to me

me to myself

would it be so much worse?

does my mind know her heart?
does it connect, understand?
are we siamese twins?
can we comprehend-
one another

raising my right (to check)
she lifts her left (to check)
palms identical, close but not touching

will we merge together if we join hands?

will we have the same goals, the same plans?

do we share enough

so much, this photocopy of me

or is she just a reflection

nothing more
leaving me to roam alone
by myself

wandering aimlessly

searching for the lost half
searching for my eyes

night vision goggles

that see into pitch black abyss

and spot the light

beaming white

shining bright


at the other end

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