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Forever Was Not Long Enough, My Dear

November 8, 2009
By Avalynn BRONZE, Monrovia, California
Avalynn BRONZE, Monrovia, California
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We traded CDs,
and playfully teased,
with flirting that leads
love-struck teens like these
(convinced we'd laugh forever)

to start hour-long talks
and take romantic park walks.
These feelings a shock
but as powerful as rock
(convinced we'd last forever).

Soon those magic words,
yes- the silly and absurd,
made perfect sense, assured,
despite our sanity obscured
(convinced we'd be forever).

But even I knew
what I was getting into.
My mind had no control
when I said, "I love you"
(convinced we'd love forever).

Bitter-sweet daydreams-
Life revolves around him, it seems.
As the year quickly recedes
I begin to wonder what this all means
(convinced we'd move on forever).

Best friends we remain
but nothing is quite the same.
He knows something is wrong
but I refuse to admit my shame
(convinced we'd deny this forever).

One night I lose my mind
and its your best friend I find.
In him I confide
that our love is subside
(convinced I could hide this forever).

Then like a piercing dart
he effortlessly steals my heart,
keeping up this cruel game
and tearing me and You apart
(convinced trust was gone forever).

And so the months fly by;
The spring of Our love goes dry.
The rumor You heard
was not just a lie
(convinced we'd stay forever).

"How could you?" He cries,
From my mouth, sad sighs.
No words could express
a reason for my demise
(convinced we'd forgive forever).

"That message I sent
to your best friend,
of caring for him,
risking Our trust to end,
(convinced we'd believe forever)

Was at the time true,
but my heart was confused,
not knowing what'd I'd lose
when I told him 'I love you'"
(Forever was not long enough, my Dear).

The author's comments:
My story in a nutshell... I left the ending open-ended so you would imagine what happened afterward.

BTW: After my boyfriend's best friend is introduced in the story/poem, pronouns or possesive nouns that begin with capital letter refer to my boyfriend.

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