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Love <3

November 8, 2009
By Writerzhand GOLD, Ball Ground, Georgia
Writerzhand GOLD, Ball Ground, Georgia
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I wanna carry a piece of who I was before so when I hit the wall, I REALLY hit the wall.

Fading away memories of silent reverie
I ask you don't let go
I'll submerge myself in this wave
And willingly drown in this

Awoken, like something new,
Baby new, with eyes wide
With curiosity
Soft and understood

It's Shells that wash up on the beach,
and then wash away
Come again and again
Sea warm foam enveloping

Chaotic and peaceful
just like fall- coming with its taste
of snowy winter
and rocking back and forth
just like the sunset chairs of summer

Just understood, sweet like honeysuckle
Rich like chestnuts, and curious like honey
Insanely beautiful, a beautiful disaster
And yet at peace in its own way

Never changing, yet ever transforming
Growing stronger, alive unleashed
Unbounded, unbridled, untwined
Wonderfully sad and erratic
Filling up my lungs so I won't speak
Just feel, just listen, just be.

Free and soaring running through meadows
into deep forests
Dark and breathtaking
Icy and fierce, warm and close
Burning, melting, freezing, curing.

Fire on ice, shaken up
Wild and grounded
It's swaying in the wind
like a lion's mane
Smooth yet untamed

It's sleeping with eyes wide open
And staring at stars with unending wonder
Gentle and protective, eyes like glaciers
and ones electric
Soft and vigorous, enlightening, stupefying

Smoldering just beneath the ashes of a flame
And cool like mountain air
Talking and laughing like friends
Heads together, fingers linked, arms entwined
Connected, as one, thoughts above linked

Unforgettable, untraceable, low murmurs
in other cities hear
No one can touch it.

Bursting into rooms of silence
loud and not caring
Falling away from the rest of the world
staring into endless and blissful abyss
smiling like it’s some big secret

Sweet and powerful
Fast and slow
driving going under willfully
Trusting, diving under glassy surfaces
Breathing in
Breathing out

Explosive and shattering
All rational thought blown into oblivion
Higher than the biggest drug
Lower than the deepest cut
Tourniquet to wounds unknown
Death and rebirth, reshaping.
Non exclamatory subtle just like twilight
Inviting just like dusk, real just like night.

there's no cure, many antidotes, few poisons
It hurts it lifts it saddens, it enjoys
undertone currents carry all grief
and run strong as steel
it grinds and bites like dogs
on bones too good to let go

Indescribable, like colors you don't know.
Unprintable, just like rules and broken
All laws, all codes, and instruction
Its infectious as a flu
but sometimes what doesn't kill us
only makes us stronger

The author's comments:
Ironically, I wrote this after a good friend of mine and I broke up. That relationship taught me what love and loss meant. I didn't ever think about this until I stumbled across it in one of my journals.

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on Jan. 20 2010 at 8:16 pm
writerscramp PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Anyone who says winning isn't everything,
Has won nothing.
``Mia Hamm

I love ur work!