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I am From

November 9, 2009
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I am from a bridge,
Between the rich and the poor.
I am from the gap,
That is only closed up on the maps.
I am from a man,
Who doesn’t do anything he can.
I am from a girl,
Who doesn’t trust the world.

I am from a broken home,
Where everyone in it feels alone.
I am from others ambitions,
Where I cannot feel real love, like the Christians.
I am from broken glass,
And dried up grass.

I am from a place where people hate,
Everything that I say.
I am from feeling like I am dying,
While people tell me to “stop my crying,”
Where people think it’s all my fault,
When they are the ones that didn’t halt.

I am from flashback scenes,
Of when he taught me, to the world, what I really mean,
And giving me bruises that cannot be seen.
I am from nobody believing me,
To wishing that I didn’t even believe.
I am from closing my eyes,
So I can’t see them see me cry.
I am from “I’m so sorry, I can’t tell.”
To “You want to know? You can go to hell!”
I am from the end of then line,
To wishing I could give it one more try.

I am from glaring eyes,
Where simple words cut me up inside.
I am from feelings that don’t make sense,
Like how one word can feel so intense.
I have learned a lot of where I’m from.
And it’s a miracle that I’m not a bum.

So now you know where I’m from,
And I’ll tell you why I still come:

I am from a place that always stays the same.
No matter how much the people in it change.
The skies are blue,
Even when you are too.
The grass is green,
Even when the people are mean.
And at the end of the day….
All is forgiven

The author's comments:
This was a school assingment, MY TEACHER LOVED IT!! ^_^

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