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Fine Knife

November 13, 2009
By AmandaL BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
AmandaL BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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It doesn’t mean to hurt the world with teeth

It’s not so evil just the people make it angry so
And eat like gluttons even though
The silver knife does not know harms
Alone it sits till evil arms
Will take it sharper image all
And nice and friendly mostly free
Yet under motives it can’t see
But people see the piece of whole
The one they’d like to cut and dole

I’d love to maybe use the knife for
Something happy and not strife
Or danger like the villains like
To cause some felonies and screw their life

The lovely blade and nice fat handle
Is so much more than I can handle

And its power nice and graceful
Is much more than its companions

I love the knife with all my heart for being oh so brave
And doing jobs that other things wouldn’t do or want or crave

That’s why the beauty lies within
This miracle of metal
And why I think it best to use
If someone should you nettle

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