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3 Months Without You

November 17, 2009
By Stranger216 GOLD, Youngstown, Ohio
Stranger216 GOLD, Youngstown, Ohio
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don't lose yourself in the world that is changing. make sure you don't change with it.

you left me
on the sidewalk alone
and now that you see me
you can see how much i've grown
to who i am
standing in front of you
i am a different person
and there's nothing you can do
we haven't chilled
in 3 months today
can you believe that?
i have nothing to say
im proud of myself
but i need you
to make me feel better
in a way only you can do
so come find me
and take me for a ride
everything's good
don't stress your pride
we can be together
just like we used to
just as long as you don't
call me your "boo-boo"
you gave me a name
that represents me well
after that
i was under your spell
you called my SunShine
and that made me smile
and made me want to be
by your side for a wile
but now were are done
and i can see
you don't need me
and that's the way it has to be
but i am strong
and i'll move on
i will work as hard as i can
from day till dawn
so don't worry about me
just worry about you
go live your life
and keep doing what you do

The author's comments:
i wrote this on November 12th 2009 and it was that day 3months ago since a saw my ex bf

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