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Days of Sorrow

November 17, 2009
By Stranger216 GOLD, Youngstown, Ohio
Stranger216 GOLD, Youngstown, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
don't lose yourself in the world that is changing. make sure you don't change with it.

we live we cry
we laugh we die
and everybody always
asks the question: Why?
nobody knows
why things happen
they all want to go
way back, when
everything was simple
everything was easy
when it was all about
"me, me, me"
thats what people say
to get what they want
they scream and cry
and sometimes they grunt
they're never satisfied
unless they take from others
now who is to blame,
the fathers and mothers?
they won't stop
until the world meets it's end
destruction will prevail
and no one will mend
the hole thats in the world
and also in my heart
is only getting bigger
and taring farther apart
when will the day end
all of my sorrow
hopefully soon, maybe
today or tomorrow
but if that isn't so
then i will do the deed
not out of rage
but out of need
to take a life
thats not mine to take
i think this everyday
when i wake
up, and the day is
the same as before
then i simply
cannot take anymore
i close my eyes and go to sleep
and pray my soul, God will take
for one more day
i will not wake

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