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Who Am I?

November 19, 2009
By ilovetinkerbell GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
ilovetinkerbell GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Be yourself!!!

Let me tell you,
About someone,
Who is very special,
In every way.

Her name is Danielle,
Her life is Mysterious,
But if you are curious,
You will find out why.

She is creative,
With her story,
And helpful,
In many ways.

When she is confused,
She tries to figure,
Out what is happening,
To her mind.

You ask her.
She replies with a little riddle
So now you are a confused.

Is that a word for her?
I think cute,
Would work better.

Now do you understand,
Who she is?
I bet you don’t.
You think your smarter, right?

You think you know who she is,
But how can you,
When she doesn’t herself?
But go ahead and give it a try.

Listen carefully to this advice;
She may deceive you,
For that is what she does,
When she doesn’t want anyone to know.

Now on with your quest,
But remember the advice,
If you want to figure her out.
Good Luck!!

The author's comments:
I had to write this for a english assignment! Enjoy

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