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You Had

November 20, 2009
By Tiffani20 SILVER, Rome, New York
Tiffani20 SILVER, Rome, New York
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You were the one that maked me happy.
You gave me a feeling that no one else did.
I was so happy to be near you when I first saw you.
I will never forget the night I went out to meet you
You gave me goose bumps when you called my cell
You had a way to make me smile
When you hugged me and held me
I felt like I was in heaven
I loved you more then you ever
Will truly know .When you told me
“Forver and Always”
I wanted to cry. I knew it would never be true.
We never really knew each other
But I thought I knew you enough
To be with you forever.
Now all we have
Is nothing that will ever last.
You had a way
I loved you once upon a time

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