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Ordinary Me

November 20, 2009
By silence21 GOLD, Terre Haute, Indiana
silence21 GOLD, Terre Haute, Indiana
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I hope to change someones life one word at a time. Hopefully, it's a positive change and it's for the better, but any change at all is a step to an amazing new future.

I have no money, only a heart

I have no music, only words

Here I am

Pull my strings for thrill

I'll be there for you

I am not an angel

to bear you on the

breath of dawn

I am not a hero

to come a save you

I am just


Ordinary me

I conquer demons

I fight away fears

Kiss away tears

I'm always here

I cry

I lie

I am

Ordinary me

The author's comments:
After starting high school I realized people change just to fit in. Why fit in if that's not who I am?

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