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Her Guitar

November 29, 2009
By Justerespirer GOLD, Wellesely, Massachusetts
Justerespirer GOLD, Wellesely, Massachusetts
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"I tear my heart open, I so my self shut, my weakness is I care too much, and my scars remind me that the past is real" -Papa Roach

Her guitars stares at me, laying against the wall

A small gift at the time, but I wonder if that's all

The dark orange finish is full of memories

Happiness, and when he passed away

Its like I can feel her hands reach for the strings

As I strum, singing about sprouting wings

getting away, from this place without hope

or maybe I've always looked in the wrong places

Her guitar brings memories, of almost sleeping never

I remember sitting in a corner of her room, listening to We Sleep Forever

I still get chills when I remember, the pictures she showed me

of blood dripping down, from a skin asterisk

It brings back happiness, River Flows In You

Of really how lucky I am, and if there was anything I can do

Or maybe it was that it brought happiness, when you could still breathe

But I still use it to play your songs, So no one will forget your story

The author's comments:
written by a Yamaha C-40

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