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2am Memoires

November 29, 2009
By Justerespirer GOLD, Wellesely, Massachusetts
Justerespirer GOLD, Wellesely, Massachusetts
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"I tear my heart open, I so my self shut, my weakness is I care too much, and my scars remind me that the past is real" -Papa Roach

The sadness I find
is hard to bear
Familiar pain of a friend
Lost and crying out there

It's a memory I won't soon repress
A deep pain, that she can't express
She tries to scream, clothes fall to the floor
That was last week, I'm sure there was more

A breakdown now, stabs me through the line
I can feel rest leaving, my head no longer mine
I listen, hands absentmindedly drop to my side
My words can't change this, the pain will reside

I leave to where its quiet, my head bowed low
A tear threatens, for her, there is nowhere to go
I try my hardest to stay tranquil
please let me be here for her, swear that I will

The breathing comes, hard and fast
Panic attacks hit, here at last
I'm scared twice over, need to be strong
I need to hold out, it won't be long

I think and think, really only one thing that I can say
"I will always be there...it will be okay"
At least it was something, they don't teach this in school
If I mess up now, I will be more than a fool

I can't think, her pain surrounds me
engulfing like flames, that no one can see
My hands start to pluck a song, on a beat up guitar

My voice is broken, but I know it will go far
A hurricane couldn't break my promise, I'm still here
Its her favorite, nothing left to fear

Silence now, and 2 shattered words
"Thank you", was all that I heard

The author's comments:
Inspired by a friend

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