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December 8, 2009
By The_Girl_Next_Door PLATINUM, Elkins, Arkansas
The_Girl_Next_Door PLATINUM, Elkins, Arkansas
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~*The mind has but a thousand eyes, and the heart is left with one...Yet the light of a whole life dies the moment love is done.*~

As I lie awake in my bed…Hmm…I see that I’m back to reality. Back to my own dramatic life…I want so badly to go back to sleep. I want to go back to my dreamland.

Everyone just seems so worked up. I don’t know why. I guess I’ve never really noticed this before, but when I’m asleep this world doesn’t exist…When I’m asleep, I feel happy. I’m free. The truth is, I feel the same way when I’m with you. When you are by my side, nothing can happen. I feel invincible. I’ve always had you there to comfort me, but it’s all different now that you aren’t here.

I guess reality awaits me. I miss the comfort you brought…I had been looking for that comfort for as long as I can remember.

I just wish it hadn’t ended so quickly. I was sure you loved me. I guess I was just imagining things. I wish you know how much you meant to me. The sad thing is that you still mean the world to me. Maybe if you realize that, I’d have another chance with happiness.

But now, as I face my reality eye-to-eye, I’m starting to realize that without you, I’m nothing…I’m nothing without you. You’re everything I live and breathe for. Without you, I’ve got no hope at all…None!

I know I’ve not been doing so well with this “Just friends” thing. I just want to be so much more. I mean I’d give my life for you if I had to! Without you…I’d die anyway. But as of now, I must keep going. My feelings will stay with me for as long as I live…And the thought of you is in my heart, no matter what. But I will move on…Soon enough. I need to trudge on. I’ll have another chance with happiness…Won’t I? I have to.

Yes. Things will liven up. With or without you, my reality lies in front of me and I need to enter eventually. And now…Here I go…Time is up …I’m going in…Head first…Like I said, Reality waits outside these walls and I’ve got to tear them all eventually.

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