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First Move

December 17, 2009
By ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
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"If at first you don't succeed, destroy any evidence."

I write your name in hearts
Forever you plus me
I am embarrassed to say it out loud
But I’ve been thinking of you lately
Your messy brown locks
Your dark blue eyes
That keep me captivated
But still taken by surprise
Your daring smiles
And your twisted nose
My heart skips the drum
And my body moves on its own
I watch you play with the guys
You never show off
Even though you have a great hook
Having fun seems to be enough
You are a gentleman
But don’t have a girlfriend
You have values
And don’t follow the trends
Your funny and unique
Expressive and friendly
You are the Mr. Right
For whom I have been waiting
But I’m too shy
To tell you to your face
That I want to be with you
That it’s my true place
I wish you would notice me
But that’s not like you
I will have to get the courage
To make the first move

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