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fighting a losing battle

August 29, 2009
By samcarter SILVER, Fort Mill, South Carolina
samcarter SILVER, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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fighting a losing battle to the death
fighting till my last breath
a soldier without a name
sword blood stained

a thousand soldiers dead
a thousand more to die
why do the poor fight
when the rich sit and spy

blood across the field
a moment of peace
but it will soon be over
to my distain a shining shield

on the horizon
like water across rocks they fell
swords high ready for more hell
swords clash shields shatter
grown men cry and falter

feeling death and fear all around me
the chains of death bind me
to this place i cant help but kill
to survive i dont feel like im alive
the battle is already won
but with last ounce of strength i go on

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