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December 13, 2009
By eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
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The minutes pass by slowly. The seconds each seem to drag on. Go ahead and close your eyes, see what little good it does you. Couldn’t sleep if you tried. Too many things to keep you up. Thoughts swarm like bees. If one stings, you’ll be up for hours merely thinking. If only there was a way to get to sleep. The day has worn you out but sleep will not come. Some days you fear it will never come. Wrapped in darkness you stare at the ceiling and pray for it to come. You fall forward, your mouth open in a silent scream. When you sleep you dream. These dreams consume you and drive away sleep. Every awakening, every dream, only one word is etched in your mind…I n s o m n i a.

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