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Wake Up

December 13, 2009
By eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
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Waves beat against me, drawing closer to the wall. Arms outstretched I brace myself. I balance, I ride the waves. If I don’t, they threaten to drown me. I could do it. I could let them. It would be easier if I did. Life is so tiring. Weariness settles in my bones and weighs me down. I long for sleep. The idea of it is a faint breeze that if chased, would forever evade me. My dreams haunt me. They are a weight upon my sleep. Leaden with my dreams I fail to soar and instead sink beneath the waves. I sleep like the dead, yet find no rest. My dreams consume me they course through me like fire until there is nothing left. I am lost in my dreams like one lost at sea. To find myself I must simply wake up.

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