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See Me

December 13, 2009
By eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
eternal*sunshine SILVER, Seabrook, Texas
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With the sun in my eyes, I see you. I see your face, I see your eyes, I see your heart. The way you look at me makes me feel transparent and light. You see me. you see my face, you see my eyes, you see my soul behind the brown gaze I behold you with. I hear you, I hear your voice, and the words, and the feeling behind them. The things you say make me laugh and bring me joy. You hear me, you hear my voice, and my words, and wonder at the feelings behind them. You laugh at my words, your eyes dance with mirth. I see you and you see me. I hear you and you hear me. Beyond the gaze and the words, I wonder at the way, I wonder because of you. Because you see all these things. You see me.

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