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RE: Broken Glass

December 14, 2009
By ShernayB. DIAMOND, Southfield, Michigan
ShernayB. DIAMOND, Southfield, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Some things will never change"---Tupac

She stands there--still, shocked, not breathing
Watching him stare into the luring sound of broken glass

She raises her hand as he kneels to pick up the shattered pieces--now marred with red liquid;
Thick and poisoned.

The crystals fell from his eyes as she took
One of the broken pieces and slit his skin
She felt the memories that poured from his heart...
And mended them with soothing words.
Closing the wound with sweet medicine.

Her eyes fell to the broken glass
Where, she too, allowed crystals to pour from her face...

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in response to a poem my best friend wrote. It was so deep and intriguing, that I just had to write something to it.

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