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Cut Up Angels:(

December 15, 2009
By Essence SILVER, Baldwin Park, California
Essence SILVER, Baldwin Park, California
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Beautifully beaten
Hopelessly injured
Both inside and out
Yearning to scream
While maintaining to be lean

Switched to mute
Filled with sorrow
Praying the night
Will lead to tomorrow

Don't look now
For it will only
Lead to more hurt
Just like a cow
Being stabbed slowly
Meaning not to squirt

But to show a big
Fake smile
Giving the pig
Anonymously that pile

Containing such emotions
Should be a talent
Hiding all the commotion
Going thru your head
Purely meant to be read

To even speak
Serves as a crime
Beginning to squeak
Tweets a wind-chime
With sweet devastation
Keeping lips glued
Nothing but a nod

Giving up
Shows the weakness
If possibly around
Surviving the worst
Satisfying the thirst

Rising many heads
All eyes on you
Standing before
The crowd
Finally letting it out

Bravery is the key
Sacrifice invades
Right as he
Sinks the blades
Deep into your heart
All remains is this part

The author's comments:
Usually the men are the ones in charge..and us girls are sick and tired of it..i am personally done with guys thinking they are so superior! come on ladies shut it out..let them know how we/you feel!

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