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We Could Try

December 7, 2009
By DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Just another casualty.
It's sad but true.
And even dead I'm still ahead
of most of you.

The phone could ring
We could pick it up and let it sing
Or leave it alone and let it scream and cry
And we could at least try
To walk toward the phone and pick it up in time
Instead of letting it hit the machine
And beat it up with its words and letters
Screaming bitterness
About holidays and Christmas sweaters

We could take the pain
Take an Advil
And go on with our day
Or you could be a baby with a rash
A treasure in the trash
And crawl away
Instead of taking one for the team
And deciding to stay
And fight for something good
You are willing to leave me alone
With no dog and no bone
No happy home
So I run in a circle
All on my own..

When you come around
And this up and down has settled
To a steady simmer
We can chill and just be happy
'Stead of being bitter
We could take a day off
And get to know each other better
Not our bodies, just our minds
Just take some time
To settle the stormy weather
To sit and stop and stare and swap
Our happy Christmas sweaters.

The author's comments:
Still love you :/

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