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Negative And Positive Ways A Man Deals With Pain

December 19, 2009
By WriterA.M. PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
WriterA.M. PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
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There are many ways for a man to ease his pain.
He can drink his worries. He can smoke them away and tell pipe stories.
He can go inside a bunch of women.
He can eat them away in an all day lunch and gain weight.
He can inflect pain on himself to try and match what he feels inside.
He can try and figure out why he hasn't died from his misery.
He can choose to die not unlike other pained men throught history.
Or he can choose a more realistic means of recovery. He shouldn't be Materialistic.
He can pray today.
He can take a walk on the beach and feel his toes sink in the sand.
He can put a rose to his nose with his hand.
He can take joy in knowing that he doesn't have to be alone in his pain.
He can take a walk in the rain.
He can ask for a hand like a boy, there's so much compassion he can gain.
He can go stand at a lake marveling at the sight.
He can listen to the wolves of the land howl to the moon in yearning tonight.
He can watch the sun rise and see a world burning in darkness become bright.
He can make everything right.
He can be happy knowing everything will be alright.
He just has to believe and relieve will come.
He can stay away from the beer.
He doesn't have to live in fear.
He should know that someone counts every tear.
He should know that that someone is always here.
He can take the boulder of pain off anyones shoulder.

The author's comments:
I'm not too familar with all the poem types so I'm just assuming this goes under the free verse type.

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Excellent comparison of negatives and positives, especially the lengthy list of positives.