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December 20, 2009
By miz.pretty.yung.thang SILVER, Fortmill, South Carolina
miz.pretty.yung.thang SILVER, Fortmill, South Carolina
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The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned

in my dream i heard a voice
a voice with chatter and pain
in my dream i heard the rain crying(drip,drip,drip) each raindrop singing a song
in my dream i saw no happiness, no joy, no laughter, but sarrow
in my dream i turned my head and saw a little girl bundled in a corner
i asked the little girl why the long face?
she said i have no meaning for life
she said she doenst belong in this world.
i reached for her hand and she reached for mine
and i began to cry
her arms was filled with deep red cuts and her skin was pale as snow
she said no please dont show me no sarrow each cut tells a story
she traced the marks on her arms and said i have no mom or dad and was left alone in the streets.
she told me she was raped and beatin everyday by strangers in the sheets
i looked deep into her dark brown eyes and told me that I am sorry.

The author's comments:
i couldnt sleep that night cuz my mind was like i have a story to tell i dont know who was the little girl crying in my head but i was eager to tell her story i know this might sound wierd but i always have rymes or storys stuck in my head and i cant sleep if i dont write them down ..i feel so sorry for the people who have to go through all the pain and hurt and feel like they dont have no meaning in this world

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