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The Moon

January 2, 2010
By Stranger216 GOLD, Youngstown, Ohio
Stranger216 GOLD, Youngstown, Ohio
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The wind is my friend
And so is the moon
If you listen clearly
You can here the tune
It’s calm and sweet
And makes me smile,
Smile so much I can
Relax for a wile
The moon looks sad
And pale all the time
But I’m sure I can make him smile
With my little rhyme
I have named the moon
His name is Bruse
We used to have problems
But we called a truce
We are good friends now
And I’m always happy
When I see him full
I get a little wacky
When I look at Bruse
I see he is really far
Then I look close
And I can see a little star
I wish I was that star
So close to him
Just like a flower
Its nothing without a stem
I stay up long hours
Just to see Bruse out
And when he doesn’t show
I start to pout
Bruse is my friend
And I love him dearly
When the clouds blow away
I can see him clearly
I hope that I can see
Bruse out tonight
Up in the sky
Shinning really bright

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