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life without life

January 19, 2010
By hannapey66 BRONZE, Aberdeen, North Carolina
hannapey66 BRONZE, Aberdeen, North Carolina
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tears are streaming down my face,
i don't know which way to turn
the twinkling smile i put up
has forever become churned
this was never the way i had it planned
my orderly life is now over
my heart is in a jam
i ache with pain so dangerous,
it could cause regretting actions
i must try and stay strong
or i will begin to fray
my edges are coming undone
im unraveling at an uncanny speed
my life has gone from a jog to a painful run
but i must keep up hope
because no one should have to live this
the end can't be near
i will hold my own
and take no excuses
for now, the pain is at bay
until i am alone from the crowds
because alone means silence
and silence means listening
and my thoughts want to be heard.

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