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To Be A Bruised Apple

January 19, 2010
By imightcare GOLD, Odenville, Alabama
imightcare GOLD, Odenville, Alabama
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"Even the best fall down sometimes."

A simple thing
I want of them'but I cn't bring myself to question them.

The awkward silences
the fighting and screaming,
the space in between
makes me wish that I was dreaming.

I don't want to pick sides
as I scramble fo rhelp
but in their game
there are no guides.

Too scared to confide
in either in case
someone's pride
is gone with no trace.

Worried and confused
I feel like an apple that's bruised
as I quietly excuse
myself so they won't question me.

I feel like a child
who has the fakest of smiles
as the nights blur to day
my delays go unnoticed.

I simply beg
to end the war inside me
as I slowly hedge
to push you away.

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