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Last Day of Winter

January 23, 2010
By fictionlover_o6 GOLD, Perpetual Village Tuguegarao, Florida
fictionlover_o6 GOLD, Perpetual Village Tuguegarao, Florida
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On the last dark winter day,
The foggy skies began to clear
The wisps of the chilly wind
Blew ferociously its last breathe

The snowflakes fell but into the fragile twigs
The mighty sun stretched its warm limbs
Promising the warmth that I longed for months
Assuring the rest that evaded me for too long

The cold numbed my flesh
The shivers ran down my spine
But I stood my groundand waited patiently for dawn
For I know this day's twilight is nearing an end

The last brittle leaf fell from my tree
Blown mercilessly and whirled around my head
The crippling cold found its ways to the littlest holes of my cloak
Trying to stagger me from the hard ground where I stood on the last day of winter

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