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3rd day of existence

January 23, 2010
By fictionlover_o6 GOLD, Perpetual Village Tuguegarao, Florida
fictionlover_o6 GOLD, Perpetual Village Tuguegarao, Florida
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The rose boasted on its color and beauty
Showing off its petals blooming prettily
Holding its leaves for everyone to see
Emitting fragrance for my butterfly and bee

People talked of its beauty and popularity
Yet they never understood its necessity
They loathed it for its egotism
But they knew nothing behind the egoism

For two days it gave a smile to the world
For two nights it waved to the young and old
It straightened up its wrinkled folds
Wanting so much to narrate its stories untold

When the rosy fingered Dawn appeared
The truth behind the sepals were revealed
Petal by petal fell on the ground
Each turning gray with no less hush sound

They now realized the vagueness of reality
They thought they knew her real identity
But they were hoodwinked by the mystery
They haven't known her life's misery.

The author's comments:
Value everything while you have it-persons dear to you, things-whatever or whoever they are, keep them like they're the most important possession you have because when they're gone, you can't have them back.

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