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January 25, 2010
By swoopingpigeons GOLD, Orangeburg, New York
swoopingpigeons GOLD, Orangeburg, New York
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A trembling chin
A wavering chord in the orchestra
And then silence
Someone messed up
It’s always the same
That moment
When your holding back tears
When the jarring note is just too much
Everything’s too much to handle
And someone’s confused
I didn’t understand
The audience isn’t breathing
As one they wait and watch
They make it worse
And someone’s still holding back tears
But what can I do
I caused it
The audience and I
They wouldn’t cry if we weren’t there
It wouldn’t matter without the stage
But they’re crying now
And the tears hurt to see
To see so much pain
The audience would turn away
The audience would leave the show
But I didn’t want to be the audience
So I handed back the violin
And teary eyed we tried again
The audience had left
But the show continued.

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