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January 31, 2010
By dancingdaisies GOLD, Westborough, Massachusetts
dancingdaisies GOLD, Westborough, Massachusetts
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I watch them.
Those innocent little tikes.
They don’t know how good they’ve got it.
They will.
Just you wait.

Their innocence amuses me.
They get along,
They work hard,
They try.

They amuse me for they, at just five years old,
They have the most important life skills that most of us as adults will never master.
Sure they are just playing with blocks,
But they get so much out of their everyday activities.

They are something
So magical,
So rare,
It’s too beautiful not to cry.

Maybe they will understand when they are my age.
Understand why that strange girl at the library bursted into tears on that cold January afternoon.
Just maybe.

The author's comments:
i went to the library to work on a project and saw four kids. it amazed me that they could build an amazing castle together when my group had already segragated itself. they didn't know how hard it is for most people to accomplish. they were just having fun. it brought tears to my eyes because i was proud of them & jealous because i wish i could be like them again.

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