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January 31, 2010
By Music4Life GOLD, Duluth, Minnesota
Music4Life GOLD, Duluth, Minnesota
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It was late at night
The house asleep
Though not I

Slowly filled the room
Searching for an escape

In my own home
Can’t breathe
Hearing Grandma
Calling my name
Where are you Sarah'

Next thing I knew
Was in the wings of an angel
God calling my name
'Come hither Sarah
Welcome to Heaven'

With all my might
'I’m only three!'

'I know'
His great voice
Tenderly booming
'But now is your time
Your family is safe
Don’t worry'

'But I’m only three!
Barely a child!'

Sweet, young Sarah
Rest here
Don’t worry
Don’t cry
You are my special one now'

The author's comments:
This poem is based off of a true story, though I don't actually know what happened. A close family friend of mine was babysitting her grandchildren. A 6-year-old boy and his 3-year-old twin sisters. In the middle of the night, the house caught on fire. The grandma found the boy and one of the twins and helped them out the bedroom window. Amidst the smoke, she tried to find the other twin, though she was unsuccessful. The news of the story swept its way through my town, and she became known as the "hero grandmother" although she didn't believe that to be true. "A hero would have saved all three," she said. I believe that she is a hero, and this poem is a tribute to the little girl who was lost.

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on Feb. 15 2010 at 10:20 am
Tori.Lovett GOLD, Alexandria, Louisiana
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this poem is great! i love how the true story inspired you. thats a true poem. i love it. keep it coming!