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Oh, Computer

February 13, 2010
By PVHS7 SILVER, Spring Mills, Pennsylvania
PVHS7 SILVER, Spring Mills, Pennsylvania
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Did you mean this _________?
No. no, no, no.

I did not mean that
I meant what I said
I said what I meant

Oh, computer
You think you’re a genius
You think you’re superior to the human mind
You think you can find anything

Do you really think you’re smarter than the mind that built you?
DO you really think I meant that instead of this?
Do you really think that you can think?

You can’t hear me
You can’t talk to me
You can’t outrun me

You may beat me at games
You may have spell check
You may know what I mean
You may think you know everything

I know that you don’t know everything
You know that I know and that scares you
You just turn yourself off and go into hibernation
You are a coward
Face me like the machine you think you are

Answer me
Yes, that is the only thing you can’t do; you can’t defend yourself
So I shall give you mercy

Yes, computer
I did mean that

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because technology and i just dont get along and it just seems to mock me at times

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