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What Is Love?

February 13, 2010
By Ookami DIAMOND, Kiansas City, Missouri
Ookami DIAMOND, Kiansas City, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Don't give up! Keep on going! Till victory is won!!!

Love is unconditional!
Love is going through trials.
Love is fearless, and strong!
Love is full of hope.

Believing in you, like you believe in me!
Enduring all things, good or bad.
Trusting in you and listening to what you say!
Leaning on your every word.

Love is to be protected!
Love is to be kept sacred.
Love is to be patient, even when it's hard!
Love is to be who you are and no one else.

A commitment to the end!
A kind heart, when you're upset.
A sound mind with no end!
A special thing for us to know.

Love is long suffering!
Love is being there when you're needed.
Love is doing things even when you don't want to!
Love is always and forever, till death do us part.

Love is everywhere, everything, everyone!
Love is me, love is you.

The author's comments:
A valentine's day poem for all who wonder what love is.

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