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Mixed Variables (Snows Still On The Tree Lines / Part Two)

February 14, 2010
By alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
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She was
Big green eyes
A chocolate half moon smile
And a love you’d never felt

Dropped on your scale of
Love philosophy and future hook ups
She held
White when compared to the salted gray world

In the flash of a second hand

Coffee shop chats
Scripted family dinners
Kisses in parking lots
Shifted on the perpetual scale of … things

First Dates, phone calls, and kisses
In a blink
You’re flat on your face in love

Your eyes in the air
Heart on the ground
Hand in hers

She was rain water
Fresh breath
Stolen kisses and light music with subtle vibrato

A constant
Not elementary one plus one addiction
But one plus ‘x’ equals one ‘x’ equation

You fear shell leave
Shifting your salted world on its axis

Snows still stuck in the tree line darling
And she’s already gone

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on Feb. 21 2010 at 5:30 pm
Toe_The_Line SILVER, Muscoda, Wisconsin
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Holy wow. I loved this... wonderful writing, you definitely have a distinct style. Check out my stuff if you get the time, would you? I'll keep an eye on yours. I'm really impressed.