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Remininsce (Snows Still Stuck On The Tree Line / Part Five)

February 14, 2010
By alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Calloused Hands
Broken Strings

A thousand dollars pocket change

Vodka on ice
Chased with lime
And salt

The same salt reminisces rub in your wounds
Stitched up
Hearts like Frankenstein

Time passes in a jiffy, flash, when an eye blinks
Not when caught in heart strings, bad stitching, and lies

Bruised devotion written under green eyes
Spilled on your wrists

Five years
Still forcing yourself to get up
To drive, to lie, to love, and learn
To speak, to yell, to cry, and fail

Coffee colored hair
Mocha skin
Ironic beside gin and juice

Heart smacks the floor
Yanked through bruises and skin

Whose name you dismissed
Though not forgotten
Alive only in the notes kept in your drawer
Stiff stanzas, capitalistic coffee cups, chapped lips

Green eyes meet
Two equals one
Flurried hands, pretzeled limbs on mahogany

Or a synonym doused in water
With body no soul

She’ll leave again
Soon as air whips her face
And her senses beat her senseless

Déjà vu, repeat

You can’t be her love with no commitment
Can be
Your selfless though still less

Bruised with false love, salted promises
Her coffee kisses on your face
Breath coated on your heart

In a flash
She’s gone
Out the door without a note
Or glance

Keys still in the ignition
Tires on the pavement

She’s already gone

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