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Breaking (Snows Still Stuck On The Tree Line / Part Six - end)

February 14, 2010
By alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Worn jeans
Colored eyes
Sold poetry and scratched music

Confusion scored across your brow
Love tracked down your cheeks
Lust in swollen lips

Monotony in days
Repetition in frosted flakes, driving lanes, and false flirtation
Stilettos on hard wood with high waist jeans and subtle vibrato

Lack of commitment in soft curled hair
Loved lies in soft tattoo’s
A search for personality you don’t understand

Five years
Running from commitment
Escaping the love you left for fear, the ring that will never be on your finger
Acting, a pretender that plays her game with laughter

Lean muscle
Green eyes
Tussled brown hair
An ironic remembrance

Delicate move in the game
In gentle fingers and fake apologizes
Conniving dreams and love hanging it on laundry lines
Watching the breeze sway against it

A name you left
Though never forgotten
Wrapped in your slanted poetry
Love letters in your purse

Missing coffee kisses
Calloused touch promises
And delicate reality

Two from one
Coughed words, bruised fingers, and deep green eyes

Tossed around to ricocheted off low lighted ceilings

You’ll run
You’ll leave, it’s practiced
Commitment with jail brake
Not something you keep

Senses with heart beats
Bruised fingers and promises
Kisses swallowed down your heart

Run then repeat

Coffee kisses on your tongue
Scripted sighs on your back

Quiet, swish
You’re gone
Out the door without a second glace
At hope, responsibility, love, or fervor

Tears on the wheel
Tires scratching the concrete

You’re already gone

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