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My Guardian Angel

February 15, 2010
By TheWriterInMe SILVER, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
TheWriterInMe SILVER, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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I looked at her smiling face,

once again.

We sang together,

once again.

You gave me everything I know, She's now a spirit,

oh- How I feel it,

With her golden wings, she comes to me,

Singing from the tree,

Singing from the tree,

She comes to me.

Keep your head up high she'd used to say.

Don't look down, I'm always here to stay.

I'll come back to you every day you'd say, one of them days,

You weren't there.

You stood out- you were everywhere, running through my head. I loved you like there was no tomorrow. With your golden locks, your big bright smile, you always showered me with love. Around you, I was me, I was not what they'd seen- my spirit would shine. Oh, I let it shine, you gave me that open-ness I commend you for it. My four years with you, I never would've took them back- cause now your gone.

Now your gone,

Now your gone,

Now your gone.

I moved through your room, it brought tears through my face, my angel wasn't there anymore. My angel wasn't there... I needed you. You made me smile. I needed you to take my hand and let me cry.

I remember our last day.

Now you're a spirit, how I feel it,

With your golden wings, you come to me,

Singing from the tree.

Singing from the tree.

Singing from the tree.

My guardian angel is up there watching out for me.

The author's comments:
My music teacher died, I'll forever miss her. I felt like I needed her voice to guide me through the days sometimes and slowly it drifts away. I wrote this the day I couldn't hear her voice anymore.

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