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Still I miss you

February 17, 2010
By Acalleq PLATINUM, Togiak, Alaska
Acalleq PLATINUM, Togiak, Alaska
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you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have

All my life you’ve been there
Never leaving my side
Always there to cheer me up
No matter how hard I cried

We’ve laughed together
Smiled together
Cried together
Made fun of each other
And of coarse we’ve fought
But never failed to forgive and forget

Turn my back for a moment and your gone
Left me to the hungry wolves
Alone and desolate

So many times you played with death
So many times you cheated it
How many times will you play?
When you actually succeed?

No I haven’t lost you to death
Or any dramatic things like that
I’ve lost you to city life

The pleasure making you forget
The relationship we used to have

Now when I need you the most
You're no where to be seen
When I think about the later days
When you where there
I can’t help but cry
Making a fool of myself

Nowadays we barely talk
Never see each other
Cuz the distance got too far

The conversation is strained
The smiles and laughter fake

Still I miss you everyday
Always in my thoughts till my dying day

The author's comments:
my sister is my better half no matter how little we talk. I can't tell you how much i miss you big sis.

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