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From Two to One

February 17, 2010
By Jared Dauman GOLD, Chappaqua, New York
Jared Dauman GOLD, Chappaqua, New York
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From cheetah fast to sloth slow,
From a Ph.D. right back to nursery school
In just one simple move,
Trading in skis for a board.

A simple change from,
Two to one,
So simple in math,
But on snow,
A risky move.

Strapping in,
The click click click,
Unfamiliar to my mind,
Feet locked down together,
No longer mine.

I stand up,
The ground runs away,
My legs argue with gravity
And they lose.

My friend laughs,
Do I really care?
I would just like to see,
Stay up in the air.

After countless fails,
And then gradually some success,
I make my way,
From flat ground,
To the great monster in front of me.

A beast I could easily have fought on two,
But with just one,
The battle is lost,
And the bunny hill has won.

I’m at the top,
And start heading down,
But it doesn’t last long,
Out of control,
All the way to the ground.

The rest of my first day,
Is full of down,
Wait I got it!
Nope, down.

Until finally,
A miracle occurs,
My prayers to end the falls,
Have been heard.

And then it happens.

Across the slope I go,
I make the first turn smoothly,
Gaining speed like a pro.

After a few more turns,
I feel like I’m winning.
Me versus the bunny hill,
But then I realize,
I am almost at the end.

I look for the brakes,
But, they cannot be found,
Out of control again,
One emergency brake is left
The ground.

Now covered with snow,
I get a thumbs up from my friend,
And I think to myself,
When I find the brakes
I could be a cheetah again.

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