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Romeo's diary berfore married to juliet

February 20, 2010
By kittykat123 SILVER, Fairmount City, Pennsylvania
kittykat123 SILVER, Fairmount City, Pennsylvania
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O Rosaline,
O Rosaline,
Today I wooed her I asked her to dine.
She kept her lips sealed and tight,
And shut out all the light.
I was so depressed I was so sad,
Never once did I think I would be glad.
(I was wrong)
Benvolio found me I ran away,
I was to sad to know what to say.
I decided to go to my house,
And sneak in like a mouse.
This plan did not work,
Benvolio popped out of nowhere like a cork.
He gave me some advice,
And told me she was not hot, but as cold as ice.
He told me there is many fish in the sea,
And catching one is quite easy.
Then I saw a bloody man go by,
And then I gave out a long sigh.
“Did they fight again ?”
He said aye,
As I watched the bloody man go slowly by.
“I tried to break up the fight,
But Tybalt attacked me and I almost lost my sight.”
I nodded my head,
To what he said.
I got up too sad,
Now too mad.
I then told Benvolio…
“ It is almost like they love to hate!
And brake each others bones like ceramic plates!”
After awhile I calmed down,
But didn’t lose the frown.
A servant then came,
Funny now I cannot remember his name.
He was a Capulet, but we did not have to show our fist.
He asked us to read his long list.
He then said “ thank you! You may be on the guest list!”
Benvolio asked me if I wanted to go,
I told him “ I don’t know”.
He said I could glimpse Rosaline,
“And what do you know “ he said
“she might change her mind”

That night Mercutio came with us,
The walk was joyful and fabulous.
Mercutio told me to just sing and dance,
And Benvolio told me Rosaline might give me a chance.
But on the way there,
I had a dream a thought,
It gave me a scare.
Mercutio said don’t be blue,
Dreams are positively not true.
I don’t know why,
But I had a feeling someone was going to die.
Mercutio told us a weird story about dreams,
Then he told us a dream is not what it seems.
We finally made it to the party,
We were lucky and almost tardy.
I looked for Rosaline,
Who I could not find.
To my amazement out walks a beautiful girl,
Rosa who? This girl was pretty as a pearl.
Tybalt was angry I could see it in his face,
He didn’t do anything though, He didn’t even chase.
I danced all around,
Then the girl’s hand I found.
I spoke,
I whispered,
I complemented her.
Then I kissed her,
Then she returned the favor,
And we kissed again.
The nurse told me her name was Juliet,
And also she was a Capulet.
I had so much glee,
I was so happy!
Instead of home,
I went to her home.
I climbed up the wall,
With love only on my mind I did not fall.
I waited under her balcony,
Waiting for her to see me.
I told her I love her,
And how my heart ached and how marriage was the cure.
She agreed with me,
Love was so easy.
Now I am here getting ready to go.
To go see Friar Tuck,
Oops sorry I mean friar Lawrence.
Wish me good luck!

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